Payments made by smartphone
for self-service dispensing of fuel and service liquids at filling stations

Moder, safe and efficient payments in self-service mode.

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Upon arrival at the petrol station or filling station marked with the FuelPAY® logo, you stop at the dispensing point which you want to use and start-up UNIDATAZ FuelPAY® app and then via the smart phone camera scan the QR code of the dispenser.

The QR code data is send to the UNIDATAZ FuelPAY® server system and verify the petrol station and the dispensing point. Petrol station can also be verified by GPS coordinates. The UNIDATAZ FuelPAY® sends an request to the local station system to allocate the dispensing point.

In the FuelPAY® app you choose the amount which you want to use to filling the fuel, CNG or other commodity - the amount of pre-authorization filling. The FuelPAY® server generates a link to the payment gateway and the FuelPAY® app displays a page of GP webpay payment gateway on your smart phone.

You enter your credit card information or 3DSecure verification, if required. The result of the pre-authorization is transferred from the payment gateway to app, then to the FuelPAY® server and then to the local petrol station system. The local system will release the requested dispensing point (up to the aumount of the pre-authorization amount) and forward the authorization information to the FuelPAY® server. You are informed about the possibility of filling the fuel by the FuelPAY® app.

Fill up the fuel, the filling is automatically terminated on the amount of pre-authorization. The actual amount of the filling is transferred to FuelPAY® server and then to the GP webpay payment gateway, and this amount is charged to your account.

After a successful payment, we immediately send you a tax invoice for the payment you made to your e-mail address. You have access to all tax invoice in FuelPAY® app history. The system is set up by the customer in the FuelPAY® app.

What the customer must have

  1. Android powered smartphone with camera and FuelPAY® app installed, which is free to download on Google Play.
  2. Payment card MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club, American Express. The GP webpay payment gateway also supports MasterPass and MasterCard Mobile wallet payments. The card must have enabled payments on the Internet.
  3. Enough funds on a given account to make a payment. GP Webpay

Payment security

The GP webpay payment gateway using by UNIDATAZ's FuelPAY® system meets the worldwide standards and the highest security requirements of MasterCard Secure Code, verifed by VISA and SafeKey, as defined by MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. These standards guarantee maximum security of payments.

Advantages of FuelPAY® system for customer

Customers using the FuelPAY® system has no any additional fees.

The FuelPAY® payment system is self-service, so it does not matter the opening hours, filling station is available 24/7.

The service offers a more comfortable and faster check-in at the filling station. The advantage may also be that you do not have to leave your vehicle and, last but not least, tax invoice are sent and archived in electronic form (in PDF format). You do not have to leave your vehicle to scan the QR code and filling settings, so you do it comfortably and safely without anyone watching you.

The service is available to you even if you forget your wallet, cards or papers at home. You can use the service for any fuel or service liquid available at the filling station.

And last but not least, it is simple, modern and extraordinary payment way that also provides to customer high comfort and safety during filling fuel or service liquids.

What the operator of the filling station must provide

  1. The filling station must be equipped with UNIDATAZ UniPOS® local control system which supports interconnection and communication between the dispenser and the FuelPAY® server. The system must have Internet access.
  2. The dispenser must be equipped with throttle valve to guarantee the discharge of the dispensing to pre-authorized amounts.
  3. The operator must concludes a contract with chosen bank that supports payments via the GP webpay payment gateway. Currently you can choose: Komerční banka, UniCredit Bank, ČSOB, REVO or Česká spořitelna. The bank with the operator shall conclude a contract of the payment of GP webpay payment gateway services.
  4. The operator concludes a contract of the UNIDATAZ FuelPAY® server operation with UNIDATAZ s.r.o..
  5. The operator contacts the UniPOS® control and cash system supplier and agrees to perform the installation of the system and the necessary HW equipment or to upgrade the already operated UniPOS® system. Then, FuelPAY® system will be stared and setted up
  6. Operator places a sticker with a QR code for making payments at the choosen dispensing points. The sticker with a QR code is provide and supplied by UNIDATAZ s.r.o.

We recommend to conclude a service agreement with UNIDATAZ s.r.o. and start up the service of the UniGUARD24® which provides automatic monitoring technology of filling station. The surveillance center provides automatic monitoring and sending information about operational and error statuses of the technologies via e-mail or SMS. There is also the UniGUARD24® app for smartphones with OS Android. These services are charged according to individual conditions with each operator.

Advantages of the FuelPAY® system for service of the filling station

Very important feature of the FuelPAY® payment system is that no customer can leave without paid. With FuelPAY® payment system, the filling stations in a self-service mode are available for customers 24/7.

The fundamental benefit of the FuelPAY® system is reducing operating costs.

  1. Attendant is not required, elimination of attendant error, have unlimited opening hours and speeded up the customer check-in.
  2. The purchase and operation of a costly payment terminal and the arranging of the necessary infrastructure for the terminal (base frame, related building improvement, power and communication cables) are avoided. You do not have to look for a proper place to place such a device.
  3. Another savings compared to a standard self-service terminal is related to operating costs, such as the purchase of a thermal paper, electricity, service agreement with the bank's service organization.

New and modern FuelPAY® payment system can also engage to customers looking for technogical innovations and those who are oriented to the most advanced technologies. However, conservative customers, will appreciate the unlimited opening hours of your station, simplicity, safety, and speed service.

Contact sales department of UNIDATAZ s.r.o.
Our staff will give your all the information and will be happy to visit you at your filling station. Depending on the specific situation, will be proposed the most effective solution with price offer.

Further information about the FuelPAY® payment system as well as information about the technology of public and non-public filling stations can be found on our website or on specialized websites and


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Are smartphone payments safe? Yes, security is guaranteed by the GP webpay payment gateway, more information about security on website
Where can I use the payment system FuelPAY®? The implementation of FuelPAY® system is dependent on the filling station owner. A request to smartphone payment can be made directly to your favorite filling station or you can send a complaint to UNIDATAZ.
How demanding is the payment process by smartphone app? The app is developed with respect to simplicity and fast processing. There is no slightest problem for ordinary smartphone users.
How fast is the payment process? The whole process consists of scanning the QR code, entering the pre-authorization amount and entering the payment card information. Because you do not leave the space around your vehicle, it's accelerating the entire process of filling a paying.
Is some form of registration required? It is not. Alternatively, you can fill only your e-mail address for automatic sending tax invoice and eventually connection your account with a new smartphone.
How I get a tax invoice for my payments? A tax invoice is displayed on a smartphone and can be sent in PDF format to customer's e-mail.
What are the language mutations of the FuelPAY® system? For now are available czech and english mutation.
Does the FuelPAY® payment system have access to sensitive customer data? In no case do not. The card number, expiration, and CVC are only used to authorize payment in the GP webpay payment gateway and this data is never transferred to third parties.
Which banks support the GP webpay payment gateway? In the Czech Republic, the system is support by Global Payments s.r.o., Komerční banka, REVO a UniCredit Bank.
What are the fees for customers? The customer who fill the fuel does not pay any fees.
What are the fees for the operator of filling station? The fees for the using of GP webpay is determined by the provider bank. Each bank determines the fee individually according to its own criteria, taking into account for example the size of the trader and the business sector.